Our Services:

We take care of all your structural and foundation needs –from structural pile design and testing, ground improvement and soil stabilisation, to both high-rise and low-rise foundation construction.

Our services also include:
* Large diameter board cast in-situ concrete piles: utilizing vibratory and oscillated casing methods of construction on land-shore and offshore, permanent and temporary liners.
* Installation of I-beam, steel pipes: for land-shore and offshore.
* Installation and extraction of sheet piles.
* Contiguous and secant bored pile walls.
* Grout-injected mini piles.
* Compaction, pressure grouting.
* Ground treatment:
Vibro flotation by sand replacement, Vibro flotation by stone column, Dynamic compaction.
* De-watering by well points and deep wells.
* Underpinning and stabilization of failed foundations.
* Ground and retaining wall anchors.
* Ground works including:
Pilecaps and beams, Excavation, Basement construction, Dewatering, Mechanical pile breaking.
* Foundation engineering including:  All types of piling and pile testing, Ground treatment, Underpinning, Sheet piling, Grouting, Anchors.
* Building works and services: Concrete pile trimming using a proprietary hydraulic concrete cutter suspended from excavator or crane for piles of up to 1500mm in diameter. Excavation works for basement construction or pile caps/ground beams. Pile cap and ground beam construction or substructure concrete works associated with basement construction. Reinforcement bar bending and cutting, spirals for pile cages.
* Pile testing: Static load, Lateral load, Tensile load, Dynamic load, Bi-directional static load (BDSL), Caliper logging, Sonic cross hole, Low strain integrity, Pile instrumentation (strain gauge).